Adbikes Dundee is a bike advertising Dundee agency, that has a dedicated and hardworking team of professional and enthusiastic individuals who are set to enhance your business. We promise to deliver the most efficient means of generating a brand profile. We produce our services in exactly the way you want, ensuring that your message is clearly delivered to the target audience. At Adbikes Dundee, it is you and your business that matters, therefore, we work according to your needs.

Adbikes are perfect for targeting specific city centres that are busy and crowded with potential customers. An Adbike comprises of a high tech quadri-cycle chassis which is electrically assisted; it has a back-lit which carries 6-sheet poster units. As a study shows that audio produces higher sales rate, Adbikes also have a high quality integrated sound system that can be used to play radio, Cd’s or any corporate sound track. Lastly, Adbikes also have a refrigerated compartment which can be used to store samples that enable the rider to provide samples to potential customers on the go.

The riders can be dressed as you wish and they are also briefed about the brand which they are advertising. Our Adbikes can be customised in any way you want. For example, the wheels of the bike can be tailored with creative logos to create a unique display which leaves a lasting impression on everyone who sees the Adbike.

Our Adbikes also come with a storage unit at the back that has a storage capacity of almost 2000 flyers which the rider can distribute while strolling around the busy pedestrian areas.

The most eye catching ambient advertising mode is Adbikes which has a 94% recall rate. It promises to deliver your message directly to the heart of your target market with the highest possible engagement rate.

We employ Adbike for various campaigns and businesses. Many of our clients have repeatedly used this service because it has brought them many customers making Adbike the best outdoor advertising ambient. We can provide you with as many Adbikes as you require, which can be custom-made according to your desire in various display formats. They are manned by dedicated professional operators who are set out to boost your business. Adbikes is the most efficient and responsive marketing strategy in the UK today. 

We work closely with large and small clients, offering outdoor marketing solutions that suit your budget. Our Adbike service is cost effective and provides mobile outdoor marketing solutions to businesses, agencies or individuals.

Adbikes is best for local marketing like advertising Monifieth, advertising Carnoustie, etc.

Feel free to communicate with us for more information on any of our services, or if you just want some help in promoting your business. We have the answer to all your queries.