Adbikes. The thing which makes Adbikes environment-friendly advertising mode is that it is flexible, innovative, and delivers your message straight to the heart of your desired target audience. You have the option of strolling the Adbike or parking it anywhere around busy city centres which create a unique and lasting impression to your target market.

A person on a high-tech quadri-cycle carrying two 6-sheet poster panels is sure to catch everyone’s eye. Other advertising ways like printed paper and billboard advertising which are more common, aren’t eco-friendly. For instance, in paper print advertising a lot of paper get wasted, and it further pollutes the environment. Adbikes in comparison are eco-friendly – no litter, no smoke, no wastage of paper and completely manual, providing a living for the rider and marketing your business as well.

The riders constantly move from one place to another, for example, a rider which is advertising Monifieth can also cover advertising Carnoustie just by travelling on a bike. As he paddles, he gets noticed by hundreds around him without contributing in pollution. Printed advertising can’t do that. Adbikes are very noticeable compared to bus shelters, billboards and taxis, and the best of all, there is a person available for interaction. The rider is briefed about the brand he/she is advertising and can be dressed in your corporate clothing. Therefore, higher chances of engagement as the rider can provide necessary information about the brand to potential customers.

If you want local advertising which is cheap and has a high reach and high customer recall rate, then Adbikes is the best advertising medium for you.

Adbikes are also equipped with a high-quality sound system, which you can use to play music or your corporate sound track to catch everyone’s attention as audio generates more attention thus making your ad more noticeable. Adbikes can also illuminate the poster which makes it look attractive during the night hours.

The adbikes also have a refrigerated area, which you can use to provide free samples to potential customers on the go. Adbikes are closer to the point of sale, have a huge impact and creates way more brand awareness than any other marketing strategy. The riders are enthusiastic and professional that cater to your marketing needs and have pin point access to your targeted market areas.