If you are looking for an advertising method that promises to deliver the essence of your message with a genuine return on your investment, then you are at the right place. Adbikes Dundee is the best solution for your needs.

Following are the reasons why you should advertise with Adbikes Dundee.

Increased sales

Bicycle advertising brings in way more customers than typical billboard marketing. The recent research on advertising methods say that bicycle advertising has an increased sales rate of 107% compared to only 54% sales rate of static bill boards. Both having the same message and the same target location, thus proving that advertising Dundee Adbikes has far better sales ratio.

Brand awareness

A study shows that adbikes boots 15 times higher brand awareness than any other advertising method because a person is riding the bike who is briefed about the brand and is ready to interact with potential customers.


Advertising is all about sending your message out in a distinct manner, and Adbikes is by far the most unique way to advertise your business. Adbikes is still not visible on the radar of marketing therefore making it rare and uncommon. A study says that Adbikes generate almost 20 times more views with the same ad than with usual static billboard advertisement. 

High recall rate

What good is an ad when no one calls you back? Adbikes have a better recall rate than other advertising mediums. A study shows that almost 94% of respondents recalled Adbikes advertisement with a fantastic recovery rate.

Immense reach

Adbikes is the perfect local advertising medium that has a massive reach where, on an average, you can reach over 400,000 people a week. With such a coverage and a high recall rate, it is certain that you’ll meet your marketing targets in no time.

Low cost 

The best thing about Adbikes is that they are cost effective. They have by far the lowest cost per thousand of views than all other outdoor advertising methods which is an average of £0.05p per person.

Rapid growth

Adbikes are the most fast growing outdoor advertising plan which is only second to internet ads on the basis of year-to-year growth. If you want to market your business in a smart and affordable manner, which has a massive reach with guaranteed recall rate, then Adbikes is the perfect advertising medium for you.