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Adbikes come complete with a high performance sound system to allow your corporate message, soundtrack or radio commercial to be played in public. Audio adds an attractive quality to ambient advertising during events such as product sampling or store launches. The unique back-lit system enables our illuminated mobile poster bikes to operate all year round, day or night and offer incredible presence on the street. Adbikes serve as a superb alternative solution within the ambient advertising sector.

Adbikes riders are recruited for their enthusiasm and abilities to interact with your target audience (if required) and can be dressed in your corporate clothing. There is also on board storage and refrigeration to enable the promotional bikes to distribute leaflets or be used for product sampling. Call 07562 122128

Call 07562 122128 or email

The Adbike is a great way to advertise your product. My company used it to
> advertise a new product on the high street. It was such a huge success. We had
> lot of phone calls and people coming into the store to find out more about the
> product. It deliver our message to the right audience. The good thing about
> this was that the man riding the bike was brief about the product, so not only
> was there an eye catching display but also there was someone to interact with
> potential customers. The most awesome thing about the ad was that it is very
> affordable. This was a good investment for my company looking at how much
> sales we made just on the first day.

And great value for money and local advertising as well!